Art for the Rest of Us

Most people who really succeed at anything in life stubbornly pursue their own interests, ignoring well-meaning advice to do otherwise.  Free advice is never in short supply.  Usually, however, the artist follows it at her own peril.  This is not to say that wisdom in this pursuit is not required.  It is.

What follows in these pages, then, is the result of just such a tenacious search for my own authentic artistic voice, whether or not anyone wishes to hear it.

2 comments on “Art for the Rest of Us

  1. Wow, I care to hear your comments, and they are so inspiring to me….think I will go back to the basics a bit and take your advice on slowing down, and planning my next painting instead of “jumping in”….which is pretty much what I usually do….

    Thank-you, Dear Deb!

  2. Thank you, Carol, for leaving a comment!
    Every artist is wired a llittle different.
    It’s important to find what works for you
    and not worry about what others do.

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